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VIDEO: Usain Bolt races Prince Harry in Jamaica

King of sprint plays the good sport and lets royal take first place
Posted: 06/03/2012 05:51 PM
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PRINCE HARRY got the race he wanted with King of Sprint Usain Bolt, beating him twice to the finish line at the UWI/Usain Bolt Track in Kingston.

In the first 'race', Prince Harry beat Bolt, while the Jamaican sprinting legend was giving him tips on how to compete. With Bolt's back turned, Prince Harry took off to the finish line, creating laughter among the audience.

In the actual race at the starting blocks Prince Harry sprinted off as fast as he could when the race was called, but Bolt barely moved out of the starting tracks, allowing Harry to win.

The prince's visit to the Usain Bolt's training ground was marked with a jovial atmosphere. The Prince dressed in Jamaican colours, with the word Jamaica emblazoned across his chest interacted with several athletes present.

Prince Harry is currently on a four day tour of Jamaica. He is representing his grandmother, The Queen, who is celebrating her 60th year on the British throne.