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VIDEO: Pastor delivers woman possessed by the spirit of a dog

Crowd watch in horror as church-goer barks and crawls on all fours
Posted: 30/09/2011 02:37 PM
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A PASTOR was forced to lay hands on a parishioner who had become possessed by the spirit of a dog during his service.

Pastor T.B Joshua of The Synagogue Church of All Nation, watched in shock as a female member was brought to the altar for deliverance barking like a dog.

“In the mighty name of Jesus’ name,” he begins his prayer, to which the woman responds by barking louder and walking around the altar on all fours.

When the woman becomes irate, he shouts: “Be delivered in Jesus’ name, out in Jesus’ name!”

As the woman lies on the floor motionless, Pastor T.B Joshua announces to the congregation, “she is free!”

“Rise up,” he instructs the woman, who responds by joyfully jumping to her feet shouting, “I’m free! Thank you Jesus, I’m free.”

“There are many [spirits], they make use of them [people]. After using them, they get out of them,” Pastor T.B Joshua informs the congregation.