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VIDEO: Mum kills daughter, 6, after feeling 'evil presence'

Yvonne Slaughter claims she was suffering from insomnia before the murder
Posted: 15/03/2012 12:10 PM
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A MOTHER charged with murdering her 6-year-old daughter reportedly said she felt an 'evil presence' prior to attacking her daughter.

Yvonne Slaughter, was found naked and covered in blood, running through the streets of Las Vegas when she confessed to police that she had killed her child, reports CBS.

When stopped by officers she allegedly said: "Did I murder my daughter?, yes I did.”

The 27-year-old claimed that she was attacked her daughter with a pair of scissors, after the school-girl began speaking 'evil words in an evil voice'.

In a statement to police on Monday, Slaughter was also said to have told investigators that she had not slept since she started taking weight-loss product Hydroxycut, a few days prior to the killing.

Story still developing.