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VIDEO: Mike Tyson in “piece of s**t” rant on live TV

News anchor brought up details about boxer's 1992 rape conviction
Posted: 12/09/2014 12:50 PM
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FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT boxer Mike Tyson swore at a news anchor and branded him “a piece of s**t” during a live television broadcast after he brought up details about his chequered past.

The boxer was in Toronto, Canada, to promote his new one-man show, The Undisputed Truth, when reporter Nathan Downer quizzed him about meeting with Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

“Some of your critics would say, ‘This is a race for mayor, we know you’re a convicted rapist, this could hurt his campaign.’ How would you respond to that?” asked Downer.

Tyson, who was convicted of rape in 1992 after he assaulted an 18-year-old college student in his hotel room, was bewildered by the question and promptly fired back: “Who said that? You’re the only one I heard say that. I don’t have no comment to that, because it’s negative, you’re being negative.”

The boxer then raged: “It’s so interesting because you come across like a nice guy but you’re really a piece of s***. F*** you, that was a piece of s***.”

At this point, Downer reminded the 48-year-old that he was on live television, which did little to quell his anger.
He challenged his interviewer, asking: “What are you going to do about it?”

Ever the professional, Downer remained calm under pressure and did his best to get things back on track by talking up his guest’s stage show - only Tyson wasn’t done with his rant.

“You’re a piece of s***, you really are,” he added once more before Downer called abruptly called time on the chat.
Taking to Twitter later, Downer apologised for hurting Tyson’s feelings and assured his fans that despite his public bashing, he was doing okay.

“I’m okay everybody. Unfortuantlely my question hurt Mike Tyson's feelings. That was not my intentions. My apolgies for the language (sic),” he wrote.

“No ill will toward Mike Tyson. He lashed out at me and that's okay. Not taking it personally (sic)”