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VIDEO: Michelle flexes muscles

US First Lady Michelle Obama shows muscle power by doing 25 push-ups
Posted: 02/02/2012 02:17 PM
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US FIRST Lady Michelle Obama flexed her well toned arm muscles when she visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

Mrs Obama, whose fabulously well sculptured arms have been the envy of women all over the world, didn't hesitate when challenged by the talk show host on how many push-ups she can do.

"I can do some, can you?," she jokingly answered DeGeneres, before the two women removed their jackets to get into position.

Mrs Obama managed a whooping 25 push-ups without breaking a sweat and outdid DeGeneres. But to be fair, she is six years older than the 48-year-old First Lady, who is these days busy promoting her campaign, advocating for healthy eating and the importance of physical activities in children.

The full interview airs today.