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VIDEO: Man's Ex Girlfriend 'Stole' His Sperm, Got Pregnant and Gave Birth To Twins!

Posted: 01/12/2011 03:41 PM
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A MAN is suing a US fertility clinic because they gave his sperm donation to his ex-girlfriend year after they broke up.

According to the lawsuit Joe Pressil's former lover got pregnant using IVF treatment supplied by the clinic and eventually gave birth to twins.

A paternity test revealed that he was the father and Pressel received a receipt listing him as a patient at a Houston fertility clinic.

Pressel, 36, believes his girlfriend 'stole' his sperm from a condom and is suing the clinic, Advance Fertility, and its sperm bank, Omni-Med, for "economic harm due to substantial child support payments."

Pressel also claimed that he did not know his girlfriend was receiving IVF treatment.