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VIDEO: London gets a taste of Tobago

Footballer Dwight Yorke and soap star Rudolph Walker join hundreds in Kingston Upon Thames to promote island
Posted: 04/09/2014 11:34 AM
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THE CAPITAL got a taste of Tobago and it's celebrity offspring when a huge hammock was erected in Kingston Upon Thames.

Former Man United footballer Dwight Yorke and Eastenders star Rudolph Walker attended the Tobago-themed event in the lead up to the recent Notting Hill Carnival.

Yorke, who was born in Tobago and Walker, born on its twin island of Trinidad, joined hundreds of Londoners to experience the style of a more accessible, authentic and affordable Tobago.

There was fun for all the family with a steel band, limbo dancers, keepie-uppies with Dwight Yorke, Tobago’s giant hammock and multiple competitions to win flights to Tobago.