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VIDEO: Girl, 10, arrested for attacking teacher

Miesha Bryant faces battery charges for punching teacher who confiscated halloween candy
Posted: 16/11/2011 05:07 PM
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A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has been arrested for allegedly attacking her teacher after she confiscated her bag of sweets.

Miesha Bryant reportedly punched teacher Kelly Sanchez in the stomach after she refused to return her stash of Halloween treats she had brought to class in Zellwood Elementary School in Orange County, Florida, last Tuesday (Nov 8).

The fifth-grader was then ordered to the principal's office where she was greeted by the Orange County's deputy sheriff who arrested her.

Ms Sanchez claims she told her pupil that she would give her the sweets back at the end of the day, but says Miesha the threatened to kill her and “went behind her desk and took the bag of candy without her permission,” according to a sheriff’s report.

The 4ft tall student was then transported to a local juvenile detention facility, before being released into her mother's custody.

In a TV interview Sebrina Bryant said she was upset over the allegations made against her daughter.

The State Attorney's Office will have yet to decide whether Miesha will be prosecuted for assault or whether or placed in an alternative school.