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VIDEO: Brixton woman shocks Mayweather: 'I know Tyson, but not you'

Video captures moment shopper gives boxing champ an ego bruising
Posted: 01/10/2014 06:35 PM
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BOXING CHAMPION Floyd Mayweather got a reality check when he stepped into a south London barber shop yesterday evening (Sept 30) where a bemused shopper told him she had no idea who he was.

The hilarious exchange was caught on camera by fellow customers in the Brixton business where the world famous boxer, who's in town after his recent Las Vegas victory against Marcos Maidana, was getting a shape-up.

Pointing to the surrounding crowd, the woman, who speaks with a Jamaican twang, states: "They obviously know you, but I don't know you init. What's the big deal? I just don't watch boxing. I know about Mike Tyson."

An irate Mayweater, who was listed as the world's highest paid athlete by Forbes in June 2014 after earning a record $105m during the past 12 months for 72 minutes of work in the ring, told the unfazed woman that she should use search engine Google to check his credentials.

"Well, I've never heard about you. You get me?" She hits back. "But there's nothing wrong with that."

At this point Mayweather gets out of his chair and squares up to his unlikely opponent. Raising his voice he fires, "You know what? I need to Google you!"

Still, the unidentified woman is not put out by the boxer's growing anger: "I just want to know what the biggest fight you ever fight is?"

Mayweather is currently undefeated as a professional and is a five-division world champion, having won ten world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes.

"He's undefeated," a bystander interjects prompting laughter from the gathering crowd.

But she continues, "I like big fights, I like exciting fights," she says. "If it's not big, I don't watch it."

"He's the biggest in the world," the bystander hits back.

"I know Usain Bolt," she adds.

"Who?" is Mayweather's curt response.

In his attempt at clawing back some dignity in the heated exchange, he asks: "Do you know what Forbes Magazine is? Well you go and pull up one of those."

She says: "I know Beyoncé, I know Rihanna, but I don't know you. It's that simple!"

Mayweather, who is also known by many as 'Money Mayweather', then gives the woman a quick lesson in who he is.

"You know the Money Man? He makes over $100 million in 60 minutes," he asserts.

The video clip, which was obtained by Spiff TV, then comes to an abrupt end.