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The inaugural Noir International event aimed to encourage people to 'buy black'
Posted: 10/10/2014 02:45 PM

TO LAUNCH their new company, Noir International had its first Best of Black British Business Expo last month, to celebrate the end of “BUY BLACK” weekender.

Noir International followed in the footsteps of Philadelphia-based company NAMD, asking the community to support local black businesses.

NAMD has had major success in running 'BUY BLACK' weekenders for the past 14 years. Noir International thought that it was the opportune time to start replicating that success in the UK through this launch event.

Carol Cato, the CEO of Noir International, said: “We must continue to celebrate black businesses and it is time to let fellow communities know who we really are and what we can do to help others whilst making a valuable contribution.

"We need everyone to get out there and seek out our local Afro-Caribbean businesses and show support regardless of where they are based, be it on your local high street, online or production from home."

One of Noir International’s goals is to collaborate with as many black businesses to form a co-operative that will give it the financial buying power to negotiate keener prices from suppliers that would help them compete on a level playing field with other non-black businesses.

In the addition, the company aims to provide a platform for our entrepreneurs, both new and existing, to access support and expertise in areas such as customer service, marketing, sales and business development.

Cato said: “I believe the time is right for black businesses to come together to empower and support growth and success of Black people across the Diaspora."