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A year in review: The Voice's most popular stories of 2017

YEAR: Frankie Paul and Rashan Charles

IT'S SAFE to say that the past year has been one of celebration, sadness and outrage and we have been there to cover the big stories across all our platforms – print, online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here, we take you through our top stories of the last 12 months – the ones that got people talking.


1. Lifesaving donor needed for TV debt collector Delroy (UK News)

Following the sad news that Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! star Delroy Anglin was in life-saving need of a bone marrow transplant, The Voice published an article online, bringing awareness for the #match4delroy appeal – in order to find a transplant for the 56-year-old.

The story, which amassed over 150,000 views, resonated with the readers who left trails of comments wishing Anglin the best. Reader Christopher Baxter said of the article: “I wish Delroy and his family all the best at this dreadful time. As an avid watcher of the TV show this guy is always fair and compassionate and is always professional. Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

2. Frankie Paul passes away: (World News)

On May 19, The Voice officially broke the news of reggae star, Frankie Paul’s death. The Jamaican
artist, known for his classic hit ‘Sarah’ had died from sepsis, which is “the presence of bacteria (bacteraemia), other infectious organisms, or toxins created by infectious organisms in the bloodstream, which spread throughout the body.”

The breaking story touched a nerve with The Voice readers and the Caribbean community, gaining over 65,439 page views to date, as readers shared their fond memories of the dancehall legend as his music.

3. Juici Patties hit the UK: Sainsbury’s to stock Jamaican fave: (UK News)

The news that Jamaica’s number one premier patty was to hit the shelves in the UK delighted readers, making it one of the top ten articles on The Voice Online this year. The news, which was shared exclusively with The Voice, resulted in over 18,736 views. “I worked at Juici Pattie for a couple of years and I’ve tasted various patties from different companies in Jamaica and I must say without bias: Juici Patties are the best ever,” said reader Michael Brown. “I’m so glad that it’s here in the UK.”

4. Enoch Powell’s old seat filled by Midland’s first black MP: (UK News)

This historical moment, which took place during the General Election, saw Eleanor Smith become the West Midlands’ first African Caribbean MP. Not only did she make history, but she notably filled the seat of Enoch Powell - the politician behind the notorious Rivers of Blood speech which he gave 49 years ago warning of the consequences of unchecked immigration.

PICTURED: Eleanor Smith (Photo credit: Eleanor Smith Facebook)

5. Police officer rapes black man, as colleagues watch on: (World News)

A shocking story, which broke over the summer, was a horrific attack on a young black male, who was raped by a police officer – and it was all captured on CCTV. The news sparked outrage and immediate concern for the 22-year-old victim, who was left traumatised after the incident. Reader Ann McKellar commented on the story: “It’s, sick, when police officers are doing this to the public, their job is to protect and serve the people, not attack, beat up and rape.”

6. 20 year old man dies after police chase: (UK News)

The name Rashan Charles is now etched into the memories of many in London. The 20-year-old
young man died after being apprehended by the police, after reportedly “trying to swallow an object”, where he later died in an east London hospital.

The news of his death and the police’s involvement caused widespread criticism, with the hashtag #justice4rash trending in the UK, as people commented on the mysterious circumstance surrounding his death.

7. Mike Tyson destroys ‘small man’ Floyd Mayweather: (Sport)

While the two boxers are from different generations, that didn’t stop Mike Tyson from calling out ‘Money May’ on his attitude. The comments from Tyson shocked many, resulting in The Voice readers debating who really is the best. Reader Thapelo Sebonego said: ”Mayweather has been a champion for 20 years, undefeated under five divisions. Tyson is trying to campaign against Floyd but he’ll only draw fools and haters attention.”

Mike Tyson (Photo credit: Getty images)

8. A Taste of Barbados comes to London: (Lifestyle)

A Taste of Barbados – an event which celebrated Barbadian cuisine took place in central London, and brought out Londoners to enjoy the culture, cuisine and all things Bajan. The three-day extravaganza, put together by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc took place on South Molton Street, and saw a few of The Voice readers join in the fun.

9. Marion Hall: Life after Lady Saw: (Entertainment)

Marion Hall

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ and The Voice columnist Seani B sat down with the infamous Lady Saw, to discuss her evolution from raunchy songstress to a woman of Christ. The feature detailed why she turned her back on sexually laced music and decided to give her life to Christ in an honest and frank interview.

10. Dead amidst AIDS rumours: Bishop Eddie Long: (Faith)

Controversial pastor Bishop Eddie Long made the headlines for the last time, as news circulated that he had passed away. His death was also marked by rumours of his sexual health and comments from those on social media who shared their thoughts on the former American clergyman.

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