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Women combat terrorism with empowering event

DOING HER PART: Sandra Nelson

AFTER THE recent terrorist attacks, a women's conference on June 17 will show that people can come together under one roof, regardless of their religion and culture.

The incredible self-sacrificing efforts of 100 women who are making a difference across the world are being celebrated at Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference event at the Croydon Conference Centre, Surrey, Street, Croydon. Funds will be raised for disabled children’s charities at the event.

“This event will prove to the World that people from different cultures, different religions and races can live together, find themselves a common ground and support each other,” said Sandra Nelson founder of LiftEffects.Org.

A qualified Business Analyst, Sandra has been searching for 100 extraordinary women that are making a difference to their community, who will be recognised at the Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference by being presented with a Star Award.

“The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference (which has the theme “possibilities”) and Star awards are initiatives to recognize the ladies in our communities who are role models in the world we live in, where many are searching for such people. They will also serve to assure the world that such people do exit, despite the recent terrorism attacks,” said Nelson. “The women who will be presented with STAR AWARDS have overcome trials and tribulations to come to the help of others.”

Women campaigning against child abuse, female genital mutilation and forced marriage are among those who have won Star Awards at previous Lift Effects events.

Six women will also be taking part in a speaking competition this year to showcase their area of interest and the winner of The Battlefield will be selected by a panel of judges and the audience.

People travel to the event from as far afield as Angola, Nigeria and the USA.

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