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Woman turns home into museum dedicated to black women

BLACK EXCELLENCE: Museum founder and proprietor Vashti Dubois (Photo via

VASHTI DUBOIS, a resident in Philadelphia, has transformed her home into a museum celebrating and honouring black women. Talk about #BlackGirlMagic!

For years, Dubois was disappointed of not seeing any images of black girls or women in museums and art galleries, so three years ago she decided to do something about it. The 56 year-old turned her house into The Colored Girls Museum, celebrating everything about black women and their place in the world.

After opening one room to the public, she decided to turn her bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and her son’s bedroom into art galleries. Dubois said to the Metro:

"There are a lot of museums about a lot of different things, so we thought there should be one about the colored girl because there are no places that look at their experiences."

"We want to show who she is in her day-to-day life as a sister, a lover, a friend, an artist, a victim. We want to show that if there were no coloured girls, the system would collapse."

As well as the museum’s collection of artefacts, paintings, dolls, textiles and sculptures, artists take over rooms and spaces for art installations. At first Dubois sought the help of artists she knew personally – but word soon spread, and soon she was being contacted by some of the world’s best upcoming artists.

ART: The Birmingham Girls at The Colored Girls Museum. (Photo Credit: TCGM)

The Colored Girls Museum is a memoir museum, which honours the stories, experiences, and history of black girls – and it is Vashti’s story too.

"Coloured girls are an important part of the universe," she said.

"You see us walking down the street. Everyday coloured girls. You walk past us, but here we are in all of our extraordinary splendour doing the things that we do to make this world a great place to live.

‘We aren’t all Michelles (Obama) and Beyoncés. But look at how we are holding everything together for families across the world.’

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