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Will rastas lose their locks?

DEBATE: Dotun Adebayo on why laws that ban Christians from wearing cross to work spells bad news for his rasta friends

THE GOVERNMENT'S determination to deny Christians the right to wear the cross to work spells bad news for my rasta friends.

Government lawyers have decided to fight a case in the European Court of Human Rights in which two British women will attempt to formally establish their right to wear the crucifix.

Despite the religion's 2,000-year history, Downing Street believes the symbol of faith that hangs so serenely from the necks of millions of people around the world is not a requirement of the faith.

Just as wearing red, gold and green tams and turbans are not a requirement of the Rastafarian faith.

Indeed, the law has long decided that smoking ganja is not a requirement of the faith, as the late great Jah Bones of Rastafari Universal Zion found out when he tried to fight for the right to burn weed in the courts a quarter of a century ago.

The judge dismissed the petition as being from joker smokers who love to get high.

In which case I can't see the Government finding it in their hearts to allow rastas to bring the Lion of Judah with them to work.

As it is, rastas are already begging a favour from Babylon in allowing them to keep their locks in employment. But all it takes is one wotless journalist to question whether dreadlocks are a requirement of the Rastafarian faith for the law to turn working rastas into baldheads. Babylon makes the rules.

By my reckoning that leaves dreads with only a couple of years to make locks a requirement of the faith, because I'm not the only wotless journalist out there.

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