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Where is the UK's sweatiest region?

AIR CONDITIONING retailer Appliances Direct analysed sales data of its air cooling appliances per capita and found London leads the way when it comes to perspiring persons!

Following the hottest ever May on record for 176 years, which saw temperatures soar to 28.1C and ahead of the heatwave set to sweep the nation this weekend, sales of air conditioning appliances rose by 152%, making May 27 the greatest day for sales in the company’s history.

Top 10 sweatiest UK counties:

1. Greater London

2. Essex

3. Kent

4. Surrey

5. Hertfordshire

6. Hampshire

7. West Yorkshire

8. Buckinghamshire

9. West Midlands

10. Greater Manchester

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct, said:

“Based on huge surges in sales of our air conditioning products we can see that there is a definite north south divide. Greater London and its surrounding counties accounted for almost 75% of sales in May.

“Air conditioners are now seen as an easy and accessible solution to cooling the home and workplace, with freestanding and energy efficient models making them a must have during a British summer heatwave”.

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