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'Where is the talent?'

SHOW: Frankie Cocozza

THE FRANKIE Cocozza X Factor drama is really the modern day story of youth and our crippling need to make allowances to value and celebrate the mediocre rather than championing excellence.

Here was a young man of dubious talent, who from the time he appeared on the X Factor stage told us exactly who he was. Before he had even croaked a note he had exposed his bottom cheek, tattooed with names of girls he had allegedly slept with, and revealed he had a lust for fame and money.

After his forgettable vocal performance, he was told by people who should know better, ‘You are a rock star’, and ‘You are special’, when clearly he was anything but.

Cocozza was axed following reports that he boasted about a ‘coke-fuelled sex session’.

If there is anything to be learned by the downfall of this wannabe, it is that there is no shortcut to fame and fortune, particularly when there is no talent to speak of. What you really need is a haircut, a good meal and to learn a trade.

It is appalling how this young underachiever’s behaviour was revered by so many.

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