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Whats The Play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas


IT'S A pleasure to start the first week of February with a proud moment I can take stock in and embrace some great news I’d like to share with you all. Last week, I was announced as winner of Hottest Overseas DJ category at The Salute The DJs Awards in Atlanta! This was a great reminder for me that as a DJ/promoter, you simply need to remind yourself of your hard work and give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.

The Salute The DJs Awards, which took place last week, honours the gatekeepers of Hip Hop and R&B, worldwide. This year’s theme was 'DJs Are the Key'. It was an intense night which brought out ATL’s top tastemakers, radio personalities and media professionals in urban music.

WINNER: Mr. Play's award

“DJs are the unsung heroes of urban music,” explains Shukura "Lady Shack" Cha-Jua, owner of founding sponsor Ov'r Da Top Promotions. “Artists are always in the spotlight. They always get the shine - but the DJ plays the music. The DJ keeps the party going. The DJ breaks new music to the public, and this is our way of giving back to the ones who give so much to us all.” The Salute The DJs Awards was created to honour and celebrate DJs and individuals who have influenced rap music and hip hop culture across the globe.

Nathan Hector also known as “Hecky”, is an actor and host repping the East side of London. Hector started acting at the age of 19, first off as a runner on short film sets to becoming an extra on Eastenders and later venturing off to online short films such as 50 Shades Of Ganesha, which was known a for being an online success!

Most recently, the rising star acted in british blockbusters: The Intent and The Weekend - both hit Netflix screens in 2017. In 2016, Hector decided acting wasn’t enough and he believed he could do more and decided to branch out into the world of hosting.

ONE TO WATCH: Nathan Hector

Since beginning his journey, he’s had opportunities to host for music artists such as Kojo Funds, Geko, Post Malone, Tion Wayne and many many more. With just over 50 shows under his belt, on February 13, we will see Hector take it to the next with his first headline show: The Nathan Hector Show.

Held at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London, the show will be featuring some of the hottest emerging acts in the country.

Find out more on Hecky on Instagram @nathanhector and Twitter: @Nathanhector_

I had the pleasure to interview Jourdan host for South London’s Reprezent radio station.

Reprezent 107.3 FM is a 'youth-led' radio station that reaches young people aged between 13 and 25-years-old across London. The station is a platform for discussing issues that matter to the youth, representing their views, and dispelling negative stereotypes and features music they like beyond mainstream.

Read my Q&A with Jourdan below:

Q. Who is Jourdan?

Jourdan: Jourdan is a vivacious individual with a real zest for life. Life is all about ‘living it to the best, for tomorrow is never promised’ and I really feel I embrace this statement to the fullest. I always attempt to live life with a constant smile on my face, uplifting anyone around me and constantly making people feel amazing about themselves, whether it be friends/ family or strangers. A smile and positive energy doesn’t go unnoticed!

Q: What was 2017 like for you?

Jourdan: 2017 was a great year for being on the path of self-discovery for me. From learning, growth and confidence as a presenter and as an individual, to heartache and sadness in my personal life, but all in all this helps to mould and shape you into becoming a better version of yourself.

Being able to handle situations with another perspective and take what happens to you in life as a lesson is a way for you to grow/ learn from. For that reason I would say that my year was great for that!

Q: What's the best thing about being a presenter in the UK?

Jourdan: Being in the creative industry is inspiring and motivating enough as it is, and being a presenter in that completely tops it off for me. Music is my first love and it’s amazing to see how music from the UK continues to grow each year.

YOUTH: Mr. Play with Jourdan

It’s incredible to see how Grime has taken off in recent years and completely set presence in the charts. The best thing I would say would have to be, being involved in a movement which is aiding growth, development and well deserved recognition.

Q: Who's the coolest person you've interviewed?

Jourdan: I would say one of my favourite interviews from last year was interviewing Raksu the ultimate manband. They went on to win X-Factor last year as the first boyband to ever win since the show began in 2004. Played some great games with them on air which really brought out their personalities. Aside from the manband I would say Ashley Walters is a pretty sound guy!

Q: Anything planned for 2018 that you can tell us about?

Jourdan: I want to raise the bar when it comes to interviews this year. I am constantly thinking of ways to make interviews different, fun and enjoyable for guests, so there will definitely be more interviews on the cards. Other than that I’m featured on a MTV show (Beach Body SOS) starting on January 17, focusing on lifestyle and fitness transformations which helped me shed weight and feel incredible about myself! I will be working on a new YouTube channel, as well as lots of other bits in the pipeline, so definitely stay watching!

Q: Tell us something about yourself that not many people know?

Jourdan: One of my fingers on my right hand is smaller than the one on the left as I use to have a habit of sucking my finger when I was a kid!

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Jourdan: Live for yourself and no one else...Don’t be sprung up on what ‘others’ may think of you… Believe in your own sauce, because if you don’t no one else will!

Q: What's your current top 3 songs at the moment?

1. Col3trane – Penelope
2. 23 Unofficial – Aint Bothered
3. Bruno Mars ft Cardi B – Finesse (The video is simply GOALS)

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Jourdan: On ya telly! I would love to have my own programme interviewing individuals within the industry, or a panellist version of The Wendy Williams Show. I want to be hosting bad boy television programmes and continuing to living my best life with my family, friends and hopefully start my own family too - basically in five years I want to look at my CV and give myself a pat on the back!

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