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Whats the Play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas

London Lions Pic credit: Carol Moir

I HAD a great start to the week watching my daughter grade in Kickboxing and go from a Green belt to a Blue belt #ProudDad. I'm not gonna lie, when she had to spar and her opponent hit her in the eye, the way I wanted to fly kick the little boy she was fighting in the head... I had to hold myself together and remind myself that they're kids (that's my Princess though... They need to be careful... lol)

I was really looking forward to seeing the London Lions in the British Basketball League Finals at the O2 Arena, unfortunately they didn't make it. I hate this time of the year when it comes to the Lions, because you spend a season making friends, which become family and at the end of it, a lot of them have to move on and next season there'll be new guys. Really gonna miss whoever leaves.

I've recently come across a new platform called 'iGrow Daily'. It's a new inspirational platform targeted at young people. I caught up with the creator and this is what he had to say:


Foremost I am a thinker, a winner, an entrepreneur; though most importantly a man of action.


My business partner Elliott Harewood and I, allowed ourselves to be obsessed with personal development as of 2012 and that undoubtably had a large affect on the way we thought, lived and our yearning to attain financial freedom.

After years of analysing the world, the media, the news and most aspects of our lives which consciously and unconsciously lay at the forefront; I’ve always felt that we as humans tend to promote a lot of negativity (as if by default) and subsequently not enough positivity.

CREATOR: Tristan of iGrow Daily

I also feel, that often times people who have achieved success put it down to the machines behind it – i.e. their craft or hustle – when in actuality, the 'secret' is a very common mindset shared amongst the elite performers and successful in life, which is often overlooked by mass society.

Elliott and I wanted to bring this 'secret' to the masses and highlight the fundamental driving force behind many in the 'fast lane'.

I believe the platforms that are available nowadays are brilliant, i.e. your GRM Dailys, Worldstar Hip Hops, Link Up TVs to name a few; but I also acknowledged a massive gap in the market for a personal development platform, one which built a connection between entertainment, sports, media and a holistically successful life (spiritual, financially and emotionally).


Be patient! Not everything must happen now! Do not spend too much time regretting the past or anticipating the future, instead monopolise the present. Take your time in all you do, better to do it incredibly than impulsively!

My business partner Samuel Otu, has a theory which we call the Decade Theory; which states that real consistency is being able to master, dedicate and focus on one craft for at least 10 years before expecting praise, results and success. With that being said, that is an ideology I would introduce to a younger me!


I love the fact that I love what I do! Personal development, positivity and living as such. Thinking this way is really who I am, it's not a facade nor a false character for social media portrayal; I am simply myself, this is who I am. Now I get to build a brand based around who I really am and who my team really are, I am blessed.

The conversations we have with people on are people whom we have a genuine interest in, so the conversations are not forced in anyway shape or form.


My partner and I see this as being the number one platform for personal development and growth globally. When you think personal development, motivation, meditation, inspiration, success GrowDaily comes to mind. We also want to dominate globally, i.e. to have a GrowDaily US, GrowDaily Europe etc. Some of our future plans include a GrowDaily membership scheme, live seminars, putting on events with public speakers which we support, GrowDaily book clubs and much more!

One of my personal goals within GD is to have a positive affect on the schooling system in one way shape or form, because that is where a lot of this begins, in the schools and I believe if personal development was a subject within itself the happiness and success rate in this country would be much better!

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