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What will Brexit mean for students?

STUDENT LIFE: University graduates may be worse-off after we leave the EU

HERE ARE some of the most interesting takes on a fundamental area of British life - education - and how it might be affected by our decision to leave the European Union.

The Voice roamed the campus of Nottingham Trent University to get the unfiltered opinions of students, who are characteristically one of the first groups in society to feel the brunt of any economic uncertainty.

Carlton Smith, 21, Nottingham

“I voted in the Brexit referendum however I didn’t look too much into it or follow it much whilst it was on TV.

“I hear things that give me the impression that it will be an issue for students, for example studying abroad but I don’t know too much about it.

“At the minute, I don’t think students need to worry, and even if it does have an effect, hopefully the Government will help in some way.”

Theo Webley, 20, London

“I voted in the Brexit referendum and I wasn’t very happy with the outcome, however, at the moment it doesn’t affect us as much as I think it will in the future. For us as the younger generation, I think it will affect us more than people think in terms of jobs and opportunities.

"Studying abroad for students will probably be affected, too.

“International job opportunities will probably be harder to obtain and for students it might be harder to get a job elsewhere in Europe.”

Madina Wakenge, 20, Wakefield

“I think in regards to career prospects, for example if I decided I wanted to work in Europe, this might be an issue. I don’t know what would happen in terms of visa and what we’ll have to do. With applications, will it be easier for me to travel from whatever European destination?

“But then again, I’m sort of hopeful. Maybe things might change for the better. It’s just the unknown.”

Lisa Wahinya, 21, London

“I think students travelling abroad is really good for us, so I think leaving the EU will not give us that chance. I think when you travel abroad it looks really good on your CV. Yesterday, they were doing a vote on whether international students can stay in the UK and I feel that is really deep because some people come here as it’s the only international university available to them and cheap holidays is another important thing students rely on.”

Rachel Mlota, 21, Manchester

“It doesn’t really affect us in an extreme way. If you are from Africa or the Caribbean anyway, you would still have to get visas.

“It won’t affect students going abroad in terms of finance because you will still get a funding even when you go out of the EU to study abroad.”

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