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Weah invites Wenger to inauguration

INVITED: Arsene Wenger (Photo credit: Martin Rickett/PA)

GEORGE WEAH has invited Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to his inauguration on January 22.

Speaking to the BBC, Wenger confirmed the news that he was invited and shared his happiness for Weah.

"I have been invited by George to come to the day where he will be the President," he said. "I believe I will be busy but if I am suspended (for his comments on referees) I will have time to go."

Wenger is facing a Football Association disciplinary hearing for various comments he made about referees in recent weeks.

The Arsenal boss admits he is in awe of what Weah has achieved. "The life of this guy is a real film. It is unbelievable. It can make a fantastic film," he said.

"I remember when I saw him the first time at Monaco, coming in a bit lost, not knowing anybody, not being rated by anybody as a player and becoming the best player in the world in 1995 and today becoming the president of his country.

PRESIDENT: George Weah (Photo credit: LA Bagnetto & RFI)

"I went with George during the period when there was war in Liberia and I have seen how much he suffered for his country," Wenger added. "That was the thing which was continuous in his country, the love for his country and for his people.

"Today when I look back I see him crying when war was on in Liberia so it's a happy story. I wish he has a happy presidency and I would like to say this guy is an example for everybody who plays football today."

Wenger was Weah's manager at French side Monaco between 1988 and 1992.

Monaco was Weah's first club in Europe and the striker scored 66 goals for them over four seasons before moving on to Paris Saint-Germain.

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