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We Should Stand United to Help Victims of Grenfell Tower

TRAGIC: Grenfell Tower

THE ETHIOPIAN Sports and Culture Festival has announced that this years festival will be dedicated to the Grenfell Tower victims, with profits being donated to the victims and their families.

Ethiopian Sports and Culture Federation in UK (ESCF UK) released a statement, which said:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives at Grenfell Tower. It is unbelievable that such a tragedy can happen to so many families, in the most horrendous manner and in one of the most organised societies in the world. Many lost their lives and some are still missing. Our prayers and thoughts go to all the victims and loved ones.

We are grateful that the government, businesses, charities and ordinary people have responded very well with food, shelter and other support for the immediate aftermath of the disaster. However, the truth behind this appalling disaster should be revealed as soon as possible.

We are aware that there are many Habesha people that lived in the building. We have visited some of them and our members have volunteered to be of assistance. It is also so nice to see other Ethiopians, including churches and community groups visiting and consoling the victims. These should continue.

Those who survived this appalling disaster would undergo a process of physical and mental recovery, build up their home and life. They need continued and consistent support. As a community we would be able to help in the medium to long term recovery.

We should unite in helping the victims in any way possible. We can help them ask the questions they need to ask the council, community support agencies and charities to get the long term support they need. We would also support in their other needs. We need to be compassionate to help them cope with it psychologically and practically in terms of helping them to bring stability and order into their lives.

ESCFUK believes in unity and working together. Thus, it would be happy to participate in any community effort with individuals and community groups to continue to assist the victims of Grenfell Towers. If you want to volunteer we would be extremely grateful. Please call our numbers below or write us an email.

Our prayers remain with the victims."

The sports and cultural festival will be for two days on 15-16 July at Westham Memorial, Sports Grounds,Memorial Avenue, E15 6BP.

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