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BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT: Adam Deacon and Jasmine

BAFTA nominee Adam Deacon recently came in to see the UK 360 news team and record some links for their show.

He was a real sweetheart who did really well on autocue, considering he’s an actor and not a presenter, and he was really keen to do takes over and again even when we said his take was fine. Talk about a true perfectionist!

After he finished hosting links, we asked him about current news worthy issues, like the Metropolitan Police’s 696 risk assessment form, which requests that London venues and promoters fill out a form to describe the type of music that will be played at their events.
This form has been the source of much controversy, as it has prevented many artists – particularly urban music acts – from performing live. Adam expressed concern about the form.

“I think it’s all to do with misconceptions in the urban scene,” he said. “People think it’s going to be a certain way when really it’s not. Something might have happened in the past at one event and people think it’s going to happen in every single event and it’s a shame because it stops artists from doing the work that they want to do. At the end of the day, if the artist has a fan base and people want to hear their music then they should be able to perform.”

Recently Adam was in the press not just for his BAFTA nomination, but also as he was touring schools across the UK, speaking to students. Midway through his schools tour, an ignorant headmaster cancelled his visit to his school at the last minute, as he did a bit of research on Adam and his films and, apparently, decided that the Kidulthood actor wasn’t the type of person he wanted to speak to pupils at his school!

Talk about outrageous ignorance. Can’t a headmaster tell the difference between an actor and the character that actor is playing? If the BBC can have Adam on Question Time, why wouldn’t he be good enough to talk at a school?

“I’ve always been doing school visits, especially recently,” Adam explained. “We went around loads of schools in Hackney and we always got some good feedback from the students and the teachers.

“We were booked in to do a talk at this particular school and I knew the students were excited about it, because I was getting a lot of tweets from kids saying that they were excited that I was coming to their school.
“But on the day I was due to go, my manager told me that the talk was off, as the head teacher had made the decision to cancel it. He apparently saw posters of my films and thought it wasn’t the right image for the school.

On top of that, apparently the kids were told that I was the one who cancelled the talk, and that wasn’t true. The last thing I’d want is for young people to support what I’m doing and then cancel on them at the last minute.

He continued: “There are some adults that don’t understand young people that’s why we need younger teachers in schools and in other positions of power.”

If you haven’t yet voted for Adam in this week’s BAFTA race, make sure you do at:

Team UK is not just a myth – it’s a movement!


Comedy capers!

ALL SMILES: (l-r) Jamelia, Kojo, Jasmine and Charlene White

THERE was a roadblock outside Hackney Empire, where the Fresh Prince of Hackney AKA Kojo recently presented his one-man stand-up show. And if you weren’t able to make the show, you can catch the excitement when the DVD hits shelves in the very near future.

Eager to get into our seats, we slid into the dress circle where I noted I was sat amongst EastEnders actors Preeya Kalidas and Fatboy; So Solid’s first lady Lisa Maffia; UK songstresses Jamelia and Sabrina Washington; ITV newsreader Charlene White, The Voice’s very own Dionne Grant; and many more.

When the main man took to the stage, he was on fire and the audience loved him. He commented on the riots, parenting, relationships and so much more, and he had his audience roaring with laughter. A truly great night.

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