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The View from The Voice: Happy new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR: The Voice team

AT THE start of each new year it can really benefit individuals to set clear goals for the things they want to achieve. The value of setting clear goals and writing them down is that they keep individuals and communities focused and pushing forward.

It is also important for the community as a whole to think about goals and key resolutions for the coming year, goals that can support the quest for justice, equality and economic empowerment.

One thing we must be prepared to do is end poverty and generate more wealth for the black British community.

Despite the fact that the spending power of black Britons is now worth £300 million a year, spending volume has not translated into real economic power.

Black-owned businesses in the UK still battle to get access to funding to enable them to grow and employ others. This means that our community still has a long way to go to achieving economic equality and parity. We should resolve, therefore to collectively aim to improve and expand the economic development of our community in 2017.

Lowering the disproportionately high numbers of African Caribbeans in the criminal justice system as well as addressing the unfair police use of stop and search are urgent matters that demand activist involvement of a range of campaign groups across the country. In 2017 our collective outcry will continue to be 'black lives matter!'

The need to secure the highest quality education for our children and our young adults also requires our vocal support and energetic involvement from pre-school to post-graduate higher education.

Our first priority should be to commit our lives and our pounds to those individuals and institutions that represent our best interests.

Let's strive to make a difference in our communities. Be mindful that 'if it is to be, it is up to me'.

It is most certainly possible to make 2017 the year where, individually, we can play our part in achieving all the things we want to see our community achieve, a year that we not only talk about the type of community we want to see, but do something too.

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