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Usain Bolt: "It's always been about the fans"

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Voice's' Joel Campbell speaks to Glen Mills and Usain Bolt

USAIN BOLT has said some of the moments he considers the best is the love from the fans.

Speaking exclusively to The Voice's Entertainment Editor, Joel Campbell, Bolt said:

"For me it's always been [about] the fans, the energy that they give you; when you get to the airport people are always there.

"I've had fans sit and wait outside my hotel for hours and even when the guys want to get me out of there, the true fan just waits for that one picture, those are the moments that you will miss."

The sprinter made a huge splash at last night's event, as celebrities, politicians and fans turned up to support Bolt, coach Glen Mills and the Racers Track Club.

Over £30,000 was raised for the club in support of the next generation of Jamaican athletes, as guests bid on some highly coveted items, including Bolt's spikes which sold for 10,200.

Former English athlete Donna Fraser said of the event:

"One of the highlights of the evening was seeing that bond really come through [between Mills and Bolt] and also the other people in the room - obviously I know many of the athletes but there were so many others in the room that support black athletes full stop. I met so many individuals that are passionate about success in the black community."

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