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UK investors praised for dialysis centre in Jamaica

Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Seth George Ramocan (centre) is joined at the launch of the Zierlich Dialysis Centre by (from left) Andre Nelson, Dainty Powell, Deputy High Commissioner Mrs Angella Rose-Howell and Paul Harrison of PK Media. The launch was held at the Jamaica High Commission.

JAMAICA’S HIGH Commissioner to the UK, Mr Seth George Ramocan has praised the efforts of a British-Jamaican couple who have established a state of the art dialysis centre in Montego Bay which will provide treatment and support for patients suffering from kidney diseases. The facilities will be used by residents on the island and overseas visitors.

The Zierlich Dialysis Centre, which has been operational since July 2016 and located in the modern purpose-built GWest Centre, is the brainchild of Andre Nelson and Dainty Powell who are second generation British-Jamaicans.

Mr Ramocan was speaking at the ‘soft’ launch for the centre at a special reception at the Jamaica High Commission on Thursday, January 5 ahead of the official launch which will be held in Montego Bay on January 26. This was also the first public function for the new High Commissioner who only took up duties on December 20th.

Mr Ramocan said: “The Jamaica diaspora presents a wealth of resources, capital, ideas and expertise that is key to the growth and development of Jamaica. In this regard, the government of Jamaica remains committed to the diaspora by strengthening the partnership that we have. The establishment of the centre by Andre Nelson and Dainty Powell who are second generation British-Jamaicans is an example of this partnership.

“The objective of Andre and Dainty is to provide the best in class Hemodialysis care in the Caribbean providing a truly international service. This is welcome news for persons in Jamaica who depend on dialysis services and in many cases are not able to assess it as frequently as they should.”

Martin Levermore (left), CEO of Medical Device Technology International in Wolverhampton, Dr Nelda Elizabeth Frater, of the Frater Clinic in Harley Street and Wade Lyn, Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Birmingham share a light moment at the launch of Zierlich Dialysis Centre.

Mr Ramocan also praised the involvement of Jamaica Promotions Corporation (Jampro), the government’s investment promotion agency which had facilitated the establishment of the centre through its UK operations headed by Laurence Jones.

He said: “Jampro, the government agency which brings in investment has done an excellent job in making this happen. Jampro has sought to promote foreign investment into Jamaica with a view to improving the medical facilities to residents of Jamaica as well as tourists. Jampro has been promoting investment in this industry at its various roads show and it is through this type of promotion that Andre Nelson and Dainty Powell were inspired to do this investment.”

The Dialysis Centre is now a fully licensed dialysis service provider which was approved by the Ministry of Health on October 27, 2016. The centre’s key focus is to promote health and tourism in the Caribbean by providing a proactive service for early detection of chronic kidney disease and on-going support for patients living with the condition.

Zierlich is currently being registered as a charitable incorporated organisation in the United Kingdom and this will offer an opportunity to get sponsorship and funding for patients abroad who are unable to travel due to their illness and for Caribbean residents who are unable to afford treatment, provided that they meet the prescribed financial assessment criteria.

Speaking at the launch Andre Nelson said: “The interest we have had with this initiative has been phenomenal and I am positive that this will allow direct engagement with other dialysis providers in the Caribbean to support our cause and become partners.

“The feedback from the team was that Zierlich is currently the best dialysis Centre in Jamaica. Jampro has played a major role with us gaining accreditation and engagement from Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, while in the UK which then led him to visit the dialysis centre in Montego Bay in November.”

The dialysis centre will be officially launched in Jamaica on January 26.

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