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Ugandans are drinking camel urine to 'cure HIV and AIDS'

PEOPLE IN the eastern part of Uganda are farming camels for more than just milk and meat.

In Uganda’s Karamoja region, located in the eastern part of the country, residents are also keeping camels for their urine, as they claim the mammal's waste is important in curing certain diseases.

According to the locals, the 'medicine' keeps them healthy and even cures diseases like HIV AIDS.

“This urine, you use three times every day, in the morning, noon and night. If symptoms persist, you must use it for four months without missing using same prescription. You then visit a doctor. If you still feel pain in that month, don’t worry it will vanish,” said Idriss Shaban, a camel urine seller.

The World Health Organisation has however urged people to refrain from drinking camel urine, Africa News reported.

It said the urine has been proven to cause the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a viral respiratory disease which can prove fatal. But desperate patients are willing to take the risk in order to be healed.

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