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Tupac's explicit love letter could sell for over £20,000


A HAND written love letter from late rapper Tupac could sell for over £20,000 ($25,000) it's been revealed.

According to TMZ, the letter describes the famed rapper’s response to a letter from a fan, and is deeply detailed with explicit information to her. The letter will be sold through Goldin Auctions on Jan. 16.

TMZ also reports that in the passage, Pac pens statements like, “Ever been tied to a bedpost and licked like a lollipop?” in the letter which he send while incarcerated in 1995.

This is not the first time that something from the “California Love” artist was auctioned for a high price. In Oct. 2016, Pac’s pendant was reportedly being sold for $125,000.

The chain was worn around Pac’s neck when he was shot in 1994. One of Tupac’s family members gave it to Moments In Time owner Gary Zimet to sell, and will receive a majority of the profits.

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