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'The Truth About Slim People's' Yemi Williams reveals all

REVEALING: Yemi Williams on The Truth About Slim People

TONIGHT MARKS the premiere of Channel 4's latest addictive TV show The Truth About Slim People.

The show analyses the eating habits of mum-of-two Anne-Marie Martin and father-of-two Yemi Williams, in an attempt to try to find out why some people naturally stay slim.

Ahead of it's premiere, we spoke with Yemi to discover his thoughts on the show and how he stays so slim.

Q: How did you get involved with The Truth About Slim People?

Yemi: I received a phone call from the producer looking for volunteers for the show. After speaking about the concept for a for 20mins the conversation turned to my lifestyle and eating habits. I was asked if I was interested in taking part and I said yes.

SLIM LIVING: Yemi originally credited his genetics and involvement in sports to his slim physique

Q: What was it like to have your eating habits under a microscope?

Yemi: It was weird at first but then I almost forgot that the cameras were there. Unfortunately for me there were other cameras that I wasn't aware of so that was interesting seeing how I eat.

Q: Before taking part in the show, had you given much thought to why you maintained a slim figure?

Yemi: I always had it down to a combination of genetics and playing a lot of sport when i was younger. However that theory didn't pan out when I saw friends I grew up with who with the same active childhood put on weight.

FAMILY: Yemi with wife, Afua, and their two children

Q: What can people expect from tuning into the show?

Yemi: They can expect to see a real thorough and scientific approach to discover why I am slim based on my eating, sleeping and general habits. There's even a test of my gut bacteria to add to the mix. There may even be a surprise when the results are revealed.

Q: What have you learnt about yourself in the process - without giving anything away?

Yemi: I've learnt that the reason I'm slim isn't as straight forward as I thought and there are a number of factors that contribute.

Tune into The Truth About Slim People tonight at 9pm on Channel 4

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