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'Thor' actress says "racism is sewn in our DNA"

PICTURED: Tessa Thompson

'THOR' ACTRESS Tessa Thompson has spoken out on the systematic racism she encountered after she was cast in Thor: Ragnarok.

Mixed-race Thompson plays Valkyrie, a character who was white in the original Thor comics — which led to her receiving racist abuse on social media.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, she said: “systemic racism is something that is sewn into our DNA. Until we’re willing to really face it with honesty and fight it vigorously then it will continue to plague us.

“When you’re trying to forge forward and create any kind of social change there’s going to be a host of people who are pretty pissed about it, but when you’re making people mad you’re doing the right thing.”

The American actress, who has starred in Creed and the film Dear White People told the Standard she has been worried about confronting the racism on Twitter because of what happened to Leslie Jones, the comedian who was cast in Ghostbusters and received online abuse from racist and sexist trolls.

Despite the negativity, she has also noted the overwhelming support she has received too. She said: “I’ve also been met with such enthusiasm, not just from young people of colour who say ‘it means so much to me to see you on screen’, but also white girls texting me their cosplay.

“I never even imagined myself in a movie like this and, after I was cast, I think that’s because I had never seen myself in a movie like this. Representation matters.”

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