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Teedra Moses: 'I raised my sons to be kings'

MOTHER’S LOVE: Teedra Moses

AMERICAN SINGER Teedra Moses says her sons aren’t affected by racism because she raised them to believe that they are “kings in the universe.”

The Be Your Girl hitmaker, whose twin sons Ras and Taj Austin celebrated their 20th birthdays earlier this month, says that despite the well-documented issues surrounding race relations in the US, her boys “understand the ignorance” of racism and “walk with their heads tall.”

“We live in this world, we’re not of the world,” the 39-year-old singer told The Voice. “That’s what I was taught and that’s what I taught my sons.

“So my sons are very aware that they’re black in America. But they’re also aware that they’re kings in the universe and that’s what I’ve taught them to focus on so they can walk with their heads tall.”

Moses, who will perform in the UK later this month, says that her sons have encountered racism. But she insists that they’re able to overcome it because they know their worth.

RAISING KINGS: Moses with her twin sons Ras and Taj Austin

“They carry themselves very respectfully because they respect themselves,” she says. “Have they encountered racism? Yeah. But they also understand the ignorance of that. When you know who you are, you have a total different perspective to racism and prejudice.

“You can’t tell my sons, ‘You don’t deserve that because you’re black’ or ‘you’re just a n****r’, because my sons know exactly who they are. I’ve raised them to be kings.”

Read the full exclusive interview with Teedra Moses in the next issue of Life & Style, out in The Voice on Thursday (January 14)

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