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Study: Financial commitments are the sign of true love

JOINED TOGETHER: Couples who write wills together and share financial responsibilities are happier, say study (photo credit: Medicare)

BRITISH COUPLES are skipping conventional relationship milestones in favour of financial commitments to one another, according to new research.

Forget roses and chocolates, a survey carried out by Damsons, reveals it’s all about the money for Brits who want to know whether their partner sees them as their one true love.

Other than marriage, the study found that couples’ strongest signs of commitment are joint bank accounts and making a will.

The data found it is milestones such as going on holiday, meeting the in-laws and being given a key to a partner’s home are considered more blasé and are less likely to show commitment to a relationship.

When asked to score signs of commitment to a partner from 1 to 10, 1 being ‘just dating’ and 10 being ‘a partner for life’, the financial milestones scored higher in the commitment stakes than starting a family, getting engaged or moving in together.

Commenting on the findings Philip Ste De Croix, Head of Future Planning at Damsons, said:

“It’s interesting to see the milestones that British couples consider the strongest commitments to their relationship, and how it’s those financial promises to one another that show a relationship leap of faith.

“The rising cost of starting a family and getting married is likely to be key to Brits’ perceptions of commitment, as those milestones are no longer an option for everyone.

“Britons who want to take their relationship to the next level, but don’t necessarily have the funds for marriage or children, can show their other half just how much they mean by committing to them financially - writing them in to their will or being open with finances by way of a joint bank account is a big step.”

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