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'Stop the violence!' - parents and Dawn Butler MP speak

SOLUTIONS: MP for Brent, Dawn Butler (photo credit: The Kilburn Times)

THE PARENTS of Quamari Barnes have spoken, after being submerged in grief following the brutal slaying of their son on Monday January 23.

According to a statement posted online by Sasha Mitchell, Godmother of the deceased, Barnes' parents say: "We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of generosity and support. We have decided to use your donations to honour our son's memory making sure that his legacy lives on.

"Quamari was our world! He was vibrant and full of life. His life was short but he touched countless people in such a short time. We are very proud of him and he was brave to the end.

"Please, please stop the violence! Stop taking lives because no one wins on either side. No other parents need to feel our pain."

The slain teenager's sister Piera added: "Quamari was more than a little brother to me, he was my best friend. We could sit and talk about everything.

"I want all of his friends and people that knew and loved him; to never to forget my brother! Violence isn't the answer! Please remember the happy person that Quamari was."

Speaking with The Voice, MP for Brent (where the killing occurred) Dawn Butler expressed regret: “It is with deep sadness that Brent has lost Quamari Barnes. The community in Brent is coming together yet again to question why a young life has been tragically taken from us. Although this is an isolated incident it does not mitigate the loss from family and community.”

She added that she will be working with the authorities to roll out a programme as soon as possible in which the Brent Council will be an active partner. The programme Butler expects to eventually roll out across London will entail a holistic approach in getting young people trained in different skills, making them aware of various schemes that are available to them and the promotion of apprentice programmes.

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