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Schoolgirl sent home for not paying £1 non-uniform day fee

POINTLESS: Ternic Aciro with her mother. The 12-year-old was sent home from her school in Dagenham in Essex for failing to pay £1 for non-uniform day

A SCHOOLGIRL from Dagenham was sent home early from school because she failed to pay £1 for the school’s non-uniform day.

Ternic Aciro, 12, was sent home from Sydney Russell school in Dagenham, east London, for not “complying with school rules”, reported the Mail Online.

When Ternic Aciro arrived at school without the money, which her mother did not pay using the school’s cashless online ParentPay system, she was told that she would either spend the day in isolation or she would be sent home.

The 12-year-old’s mother, Brenda Aciro, accused the school of bullying her child as she was at risk of other school children taunting her, simply because her had forgotten to pay online.

'To be told to go into isolation or be sent home because I didn't pay £1 is ridiculous,” the mother said. “I just completely forgot to pay it.”

She added: “It's totally wrong because how can you punish my child in front of her class? That is a form of discrimination, of bullying, really.”

The has defended its actions, saying that their system is fair to all students and that they contacted the second name of kin on the schoolgirl’s files and was arranged for her to be sent home.

“We followed our protocols and phoned the parent to discuss what had happened but failed to make contact so called the second named contact supplied to us by the parent.

“The second contact agreed it was okay to send the child home to get changed.”

*** UPDATE****

Following the backlash from this story, which was shared over 100 times on Facebook, The Voice was contacted by Ms Aciro, who was quite distressed by the "harsh" comments hurled at her from readers.

One reader wrote on The Voice Facebook: "But mommy found it to pose for a picture for social media, how ironic. It's a fund raising venture, the rules for it to work is one simply pays the minimal fee. The lesson that has been taught by the mother is you don't have to obey rules. Did the school give her the opportunity to change her clothes? The £1 is not the issue, it's our willingness to get angry at the school and not acknowledge that an option was given."

"I'm not a bad mother," Ms Aciro told The Voice. "I simply forgot."

"I have two children and I also study so things slip my mind. These mistakes happen. I'll donate to charity and I offered to pay, but they have a policy of not taking cash. There were other children that didn't pay, but only my child got sent home.

"I just want to set the record straight," she added.

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