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Rewarding our women

BLACK GIRL MAGIC: The Colour Network co-owner Annika Allen

ANTICIPATION IS growing ahead of the first-ever Black Magic Awards, which organisers have said will be an opportunity for all women to be recognised.

Taking place at the historic Grade II-listed building, The Hackney Empire on Saturday, September 9, The Black Magic Awards will recognise women pushing the boundaries across their respective industries.

This brand new awards show, brought to you by The Colour Network, is built to highlight the achievements of women who have contributed to the black entertainment scene, as well as across, business, education and the community.

Talking to The Voice, Annika Allen, co-owner of The Colour Network, said: “In the
UK we always look to the US or elsewhere for talent when we have amazing role models right here on our doorstep."

“The Black Magic Awards will be an opportunity to honour and showcase the achievements of those trailblazers whilst creating a platform for other young queens to realise their potential.”

Awards on the night will handed out to Jamelia, Vanessa Kingori MBE, Rachel Yankey, Angela Griffin, Charlene White and Jasmine Dotiwala, among others. Kojo Anim, founder of The Colour Network told Life and Style about what he hopes the BMAs will become in the future.

Rachel Yankey

He said: “The Black Magic Awards is something I feel should have happened a long time ago. It takes time to honour people, and there will be no nominations, no ‘who’s hot right now’ – it’s a collective of women that will be honoured every year and told, ‘thank you’.

“It’s a thank you for all of the work that they have done that may have gone unnoticed. We wanted to say we’re not going to wait for the Queen to give you an MBE. As a community we should be honouring these women."

Kojo Anim

“Every year we will honour other women who have contributed to the growth of our culture. So many people want credit for it (our culture) outside of it, but we’ve got to start giving credit to the people that have built this. The women who don’t feel they get the credit that the guys get."

“As a culture, we have to learn to celebrate others before we ask for people to celebrate us. People don’t get involved unless you nominate them or people don’t get involved unless you honour them and that takes away the whole idea of honouring people. Everyone will get their moment – we have a long list.”


Allen added: “Everyone is really excited. These are women who are trailblazers, women who are doing things regardless of society trying to stop them from making things happen or achieving their goals they have managed to smash it and reach their goals."

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people who are going to be attending on the night. We are encouraging the men to grab their wives, mothers and sisters and come down because, while the event is honouring women, the men are important, too.”

Anim added: “This is their night, it’s the biggest girls’ night out of the year, and everybody should be down there celebrating.”

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