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REVIEW: Palmer's new coconut oil range

NEW: Palmers Coconut Oil range

PALMER'S PRODUCTS have always been a staple in my household growing up, and luckily for me, I had the chance to review some of their latest products from the coconut oil range. See my thoughts below!

Conditioning Spray Oil

As a girl who loves her braids, the Palmer's conditioning spray oil worked perfectly for maintaining the look and style of hair. With it's extra virgin oil and vitamin E formula, my hair remained shinier and smoother and became key in my day-to-day hair routine.

Dry Oil Mist

The natural ingredients included in the dry oil mist definitely drew me in, as I'm always looking for products which contain natural ingredients. I found that for my particular hair type - which tends to get dry quite easily, the mist helped to retain moisture but definitely required more than one spritz a day to do so.

Hair Milk Smoothie

Now this product had to be my favourite! After washing my hair, the detailing process can always be a little frustrating. However, the hair milk smoothie miraculously made this a lot easier. Using just a small sample of the product on different sections of my hair, it became easier to comb through and added moisture and shine to it also. Definitely my new go-to product.

Body Lotion

You can't go wrong with the classic Palmer's Body Lotion. The rich, creamy lotion absorbs into the skin for long-lasting moisture that softens the skin. The cult skincare product is just as good as I remember it, and is another must-have in my selection.

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