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Ready to own 2017, part 2

#NODAYSOFF: Dentaa Amoateng MBE

IN THE year that The Voice Newspaper celebrates its 35th anniversary, we shine a light on some of the people who the Life & Style section will be featuring over the coming months as they embark on their own journey towards success.

KG 1001

KG 1001 kicked off 2017 by dropping his new video for the up-tempo track Vanessa, which had his Soundcloud followers buzzing differently at the back end of last year and he’s told The Voice's Life & Style that he has the bit between his teeth and is ready to unload an arsenal of music throughout 2017. Ardent readers of The Voice will have followed KG 1001 (formerly Kid Gospel) since he was one of our youngest ever online columnists aged 14. Still only 21 years-old, 2017 will be another great year for the Essex MC.

Cameron Douglas

It’s our job as a newspaper to salute those doing their thing but is incumbent upon us to ensure we celebrate the children especially. Cameron Douglas is nine years-old and acting has really helped with his confidence as he used to suffer from low self-esteem. If you haven’t already seen it check out the short film, Fabric of the Royals, where Douglas takes on the character Bryon. The short was nominated at the Screen Nation Digital Is awards in the favourite short film category.

Ore Oduba

When you win Strictly Come Dancing one year, it stands to reason that you’re probably about to experience the best 12 months you’ve ever had. Can you imagine the type of invites landing on the doormat of Ore Oduba right now? The nation loves him and he deserves the plaudits.

John Boyega

Truly an inspiration for youngsters all over the world, John Boyega or Finn from Star Wars, will take to the stage this year starring in Woyzeck, an adaptation of Georg Buchner’s play by Jack Thorne, at the Old Vic. Given the standards he has set for himself, Life & Style can’t wait to see the young man execute.

Little Simz

She’s been putting in the work for a very long time now and if the steady rise in notoriety during the last twelve months is an indicator of anything, it suggests the nation is waking up the prodigious talent that Little Simz is.

Spencer Fearon

Former boxer turned podcast presenter Spencer Fearon recently signed a new contract at Sky Sports in order to keep the enigmatic south Londoner on a winning team. At the last count the Toe 2 Toe podcast was doing 150,000 downloads a week, just under six million a year and that’s not including the numbers across every other social network platform. Inspiring. Life & Style pays homage.

Che Lingo

This young man deserves to be so much more recognised than he is currently but Life & Style get the impression that it will all change for him this year. Highlighted as one to watch by the MOBOs in late 2016, it would seem as though his staying power is about to be rewarded. Oh...and his music’s good too.

Jessica Creighton

You may have seen this face pop up more and more on your screen presenting sports content on the BBC. Jessica Creighton is one of a new wave of presenters coming through and she’s already told us privately that her aim is to be better each day. Expect to see more of her this year.

Gail Babb

Gail Babb is the Producer for Participation and Learning at Talawa Theatre Company. Babb recently contributed to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation research examining issues surrounding the pipeline of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) trained talent into musical theatre. The talented woman is also Partnerships Convenor for the MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London. A power player we have our eye on.

Morgan Lake

So, Jessica Ennis-Hill has called it a day, so who takes her place? Look no further than Morgan Lake. If you didn’t already know this young lady has been making waves in the world of track and fi eld over the last few years. Go Google her now.

Seani B

You can genuinely tell this man is excited about galvanising the British reggae scene as he sees it. Landing his column in The Voice was one more step in his quest to see the reggae industry he is so passionate about taken seriously. Expect the unexpected as the year unfolds.

Sonia Meggie

The founder of Inspirational U and FunkyNChunky, Sonia Meggie has this knack of being everywhere and knowing everyone. They say that your network is your net worth and if that were the case, then riches are hurtling their way towards this young businesswomen at a rate of knots. Trying to quantify the success she could experience this year is like asking how hot the sun actually is.

Jacqueline Shepherd

If you’re a regular reader of the Life & Style pages or our content online then you will have read about this young TV presenter not too long ago. She features in this list because her hunger tells Life & Style that she’s a lady on a mission and those who dare to speak their wants into existence and are prepared to work for it, normally get them.

Stefflon Don

Described as a rapper who combines Jamaican patois with London grit, Stefflon Don is on the verge of becoming a household name following a 2016 that saw her mingling with all the stars. Whether it’s stateside or in the UK, this female rapper is one who has been co-signed by virtually the whole industry. Only a fool would bet against her winning this year.

Lady Leshurr

We all saw what it meant for her to be recognised by the MOBO Awards last year and if Lady Leshurr uses that success to produce anywhere near as many bangers as she did in those 12 months, this year, well, it’ll be a wrap. She’ll own 2017 as well.

Babatunde Ajayi

One of the most humble boxing trainers in the business, Babatunde Ajayi has a few genuine gems on his hands that will be world champions in the not too distant future. Such is the self-effacing manner of Ajayi he won’t understand why he features in a list such as this. So, Tunde (as everyone calls him), when you read this remember, everything is timing.

Bola Agbaje

This British playwright earned a new legion of fans last year when she said the theatre’s “problem is about the people behind the scenes”. Real talk expressed by a woman of real talent. With productions that aren’t lofty observations of worlds she knows nothing about, Bola Agbaje’s prowess for addressing contemporary issues with passion and authenticity is what will make this year a very special one for her.

Dentaa Amoateng MBE

None of her 80 thousand followers on Instagram would have been surprised to see Dentaa Amoateng picking up an MBE last year, her work in the community is widely known. Collaborating with people who are working towards the betterment of Africa, Amoateng, founder of the GUBA Awards doesn’t do pause, she only does go, which is what Life & Style expect her to be doing in 2017.

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