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Rapper who saw Woolwich murder ‘still has faith in humanity’


DESPITE HAVING seen firsthand the horrific murder of solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, southeast London, local rapper Boya Dee has said he remains convinced “it is human nature to care.”

Writing in the Guardian about how his views on life have been affected since the brutal attack last week (May 22) in which Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are suspected of the murder, the Woolwich resident expressed a belief in universal compassion.

“To my understanding, all of the world's belief systems ultimately project a message of living in respect of one another in mutual harmony”, he said.

“Our instinctive nature as civilised human beings is not to be unkind or malicious towards one another but quite the opposite.”

Citing everything from the philosophical enquires of Plato to societies “over-reliant on fossil fuels”, Dee mentioned how he has been thrust into the media spotlight because of his series of tweets documenting the violent end Rigby endured – the tweets have since been deleted.

The witness said he decided not to sell his story of his “version of events” because he is “not driven by money and never will be.”

Keeping in line with his brief to contemplate humanity’s ability to co-exist in peace, Dee said: “the human race is naturally disposed to want to solve the world's problems.

“Look at advances in healthcare, or our constant wildlife preservation campaigns. Innately, it is human nature to care.

“I've seen how the human condition can be both loving and bitterly cruel. Regardless, both my feet remain firmly planted on the positive side of the divide and I'm urging us all to continue on the quest for equality and peace.”

Drawing upon his experiences of growing up in Woolwich, the rapper urged people to not let Rigby’s death divide and instigate regression across multicultural Britain.

“Let's not allow the isolated acts of some chip away at the foundations of co-existence we've built across London and the UK”, he added.

“We've come a very long way in learning how to integrate multiple cultures in singular communities.”

Since the murder of the 25-year-old army drummer there has been an rise in reported crimes against Muslims and Islamic institutions, while the English Defence League have been staging nationwide protests at Muslims living in the UK.

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