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Quick chat with... The Lovettes!


NEWLY FORMED girl band The Lovettes are bouncing back from being booted out of this year’s X Factor.

As they continue their musical career, the trio, comprised of Sharna Louise Allen 21, Melissa Foster 21, and Chess Leigh 22, spoke to Hazelann Williams about their stint on the hit reality show and what the future holds.

What was it like being a contestant on The X Factor?

Being a contestant is like becoming a child again. You have to put your life on hold and make sure you have a lot of free time.

There were a lot of late nights and early starts. But you get to experience the biggest show in England and you can’t really complain, because there are so many people that would rather be in your place.

You all entered The X Factor separately, but were formed as a trio by the celebrity judges after your initial acts did not work. Was it a hard decision to leave the people you entered the show with?

Louis Walsh was really disappointed with us [at first] and he didn’t think we would ever make it. But instead of being sent home, we were each asked to stay behind.

We got taken to a holding room, where Tulisa, Kelly and Louis walked in and asked how we felt about being put in a group. They said ‘If anyone doesn’t like it they should leave now.’ Obviously, it was a hard decision, but no one wanted to let the opportunity go.

What was the highlight of your X Factor journey?

Performing at Wembley. There are some established artists who can’t say they have done that so we’re really lucky that we got that chance.

At Wembley, it was the first time we ever performed together on a stage, in front of 5,000 people. It was a shock that we managed to do so well. The next day we were told we would be going to the judges houses. It was absolutely the most amazing feeling ever, it’s indescribable; we were so happy.”

Who was your favourite judge on the show?

Gary. He was so caring and seemed so nice. He had good comments. But we have all been fans of Kelly and Destiny’s child since we were young. She gave us some amazing advice too. She told us how to look after ourselves.

What’s next for you ladies?

Since The X Factor we have had some really good stuff going on for us. We’ve signed to a booking agency and we’re going to do some paid gigs. We have also been approached by a label in America, but we are still under contract with The X factor for three months, so we will see.

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