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Paul Lawrence: 101 Lessons I Taught My Son

WORDS OF WISDOM: Paul Lawrence

A REGULAR contributor to BBC Radio London, Paul Lawrence has become known for his vocal and frank commentary on a range of issues including current affairs, raising children and the economy.

Life coach and mentor Lawrence, who was raised in Jamaica, is a founding member of 100 Black Men of London and regularly runs training courses on public speaking. Despite being a key part of several business and community ventures, the father-of-one is always clear on his number one priority - his son.

What inspired you to create the concept for this book?

I've been working in the personal development arena for many years and much of my work surrounded young people, particularly young boys. I had not seen any books which grasped the role of a father, a black father in the development of his son.

How did you get into writing?

Very reluctantly! I wouldn't exactly call myself a writer, the book is purely the best way to record and spread my thoughts on this important topic.

What was the overall production process for this book, as far as writing, editing etc?

The production process was made easy because I joined forces with Conscious Dreams Publishing. Their service allowed me to focus on the writing while they did the heavy lifting in terms of editing, typesetting and so on.

How do you think your writing style has evolved since the start of your writing career?

Not overly sure I have a writing style per say, but I'm more comfortable transferring my spoken words to paper now than I was when I started.

What advice would you give to other BME writers?

Be true to who you are, write about what you know and readers will appreciate your work.

What can people expect from the book launch?

The launch is a chance for people to understand the book's journey and debate the lessons. Most importantly, they'll get to meet my son, the inspiration for the book.

What would you like people to take away from reading 101 Lessons I Taught My Son?

One simple truth... personal development applies to us all.

Attend Paul's book launch for 101 Lessons I Taught My Son, tickets available here.

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