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Pastor causes outrage over F-word sermon

A PASTOR has caused internet controversy by using the 'F' word to deliver his message of forgiveness to his congregation.

The two-minute video, which was uploaded just three months ago, has already received over 484,000 views on YouTube.

The unnamed American pastor said the new 'F' word in the church is ‘forgive’. He then went on to tell his congregation not to be offended.

He said: “Look at your neighbour and say ‘F you’, not just your neighbour, but look down your whole row and say and ‘F y’all too’.

He added: “Would you do me a favour take your phone out and text all your ex’s and say ‘I’m at church F you! I forgive you for lying on me and talking about me’. ‘Pastor my mamma don’t like’, you well F your mama. ‘My family don’t like you’, F your family too.”

The comical pastor then encouraged his congregation to stamp their feet and have a ‘little church’ with him. According to the hip pastor, the sermon was intended to demonstrate God’s forgiveness and prompt others to follow in his footsteps.

However some YouTube viewers were not as amused as his congregation, Rhino3548 wrote; “I can speak of God according to scripture. It clearly says do not let your good be spoken for evil. All I’m saying this is not a good representation. He went too far. Tell your neighbor F- You tell everyone in this church F-You. Why not just say I Forgive you which looks and sounds better.”

Whilst Bontard wrote: “I cannot believe what I’m hearing. This isn’t funny at all.”

But most comments were in favour of preacher dynamic way of delivering his message of forgiveness.

Puppylover wrote: “I hate when people try to ruin a good thing. It's called humor, people. Chill out”.

Another user added: “I admire him a lot, what a fantastic sermon.”

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