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Part 2 of 2017's most inspiring women

SISTERHOOD: Lawrencia celebrates success

THERE HAS been an influx of women who are doing astounding things - that is, real life women and not women you see on TV every day. These are women that I can relate to and who decided not to give up on their dreams so they could be the women they are today.

Each woman I've selected is from a different industry, however each bring something different to the table and I am excited to see their growth in the next couple of years.

Yvonne Haizel, Investment Strategist

Intelligent and beautiful, Yvonne certainly embodies beauty and brains; she is an investment strategist that has a strong passion for African investment. I have known Haizel since she was a child and it has been amazing to see her grow and develop into the woman that she is today. Identifying investment opportunities whilst travelling throughout Africa, Yvonne is destined for great things. A hardworking individual who strives to make an impact on the investment industry.

Kubi Springer, Entrepreneur and International Brand Specialist

This amazing lady is one of the reasons why I started my own journey as a blogger and advertising professional. Entrepreneur and International Brand Specialist, Founder of She Builds Brands, Kubi is a media guru. Her list of achievements is endless after 14 years’ worth of experience in building brands. A woman that I would recommend everyone to learn from as much as possible, at the tender age of 26 she was appointed as the Head of Marketing and Brand Communications for the MOBO awards. I came across Springer when she visited my church last year. Vividly remembering when she walked in, a woman with such poise and confidence however extremely humble and down to earth. Honestly, I had little idea who she was and only found out after I had met her. After I gave a testimony during the service, Kubi walked up to me and said:

“There is something about you and you are going to go far”.

Those simple words came to life. At the time I was going through a difficult time trying to figure out my purpose and journey. She inspired and believed in the person who God intended me to be. This was coming from an individual, who did not know who I was. I always say it does not hurt to be nice to someone or say kind things. You could be the reason, why someone decided not to give up and keep going. Thank you Kubi.

Afua Rida, Fashion Blogger and Runway Show Producer

This Ghanaian beauty who is the epitome of class and beauty. A fashion blogger, stylist and also a runway show producer, this woman has helped put Ghana’s creativity to the forefront. Her passion for Ghana’s rich and diverse culture is enchanting to see. Her Instagram page is saturated with such divine pictures of the culture and fashion. Afua merges the western and African culture in her style. An individual who lived in Canada before moving back to Ghana, Rida is a prime example of hard work paying off and also an example of the opportunities you could crate moving back home.

Nayoka Oware, Presenter and Founder of ‘The Journey’ (online show)

I first met the graceful and striking Nayoka back in 2007 and I could not get over how humble and charming she was. Such a sweet soul, the British Ghanaian presenter embodies a strong work ethic. Nayoka was the second runner-up at Miss Ghana UK 2006 and has gone on to present Afrobeat 94FM and create The Journey, an online show where she interviews African artists such as Sarkodie and Mr Eazi. A motivator and ray of light, Oware is an individual that strives to be the best version of herself. I cannot wait to see more of her journey in 2017.

The best is yet to come ladies.

Thanks for reading.

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