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Oprah donates $50,000 to teen’s A Wrinkle in Time fundraiser

DONATION: Oprah Winfrey promised to give $50,000

DURING AN appearance on US TV show Good Morning America, Winfrey announced that she would match a young fans $50,000 fundraiser to take girls to see the star’s latest film.

Taylor Richardson, a 14-year-old girl from Jacksonville Florida, had already raised $50,000 so that 1,000 girls in her hometown could attend a screening of A Wrinkle in Time.

Winfrey, who was a guest on the show last Wednesday, asked the teen: “What made you decide to do this for this particular movie?”

Richardson, an aspiring astronaut, said: “In my opinion, representation does really matter and to see someone who looks like me presented like this I just feel it’s important for girls to see [this] movie.”

The teen hugged Winfrey backstage when she told her that she would donate $50,000 to the cause. Later, Richardson and her mum joined Winfrey in front of the studio audience as she discussed the film with host Robin Roberts.

The black teen also had the opportunity to pose a question to the media mogul. She asked Winfrey what advice she would give to girls who look like her who want to make a change or be the change in the world.

Winfrey replied: “I have that advice for girls that look like you and girls that don’t because the advice is really the same. The highest honour on Earth that you will ever have is the honour of being yourself.”

The actress, who plays Mrs Which in Ava Ava DuVernay's big-budget fantasy adventure film, is well-known for her giving her spirit but she’s not the only Hollywood star to help kids see some of the most popular about releases in recent weeks. As Black Panther opened up across the world, members of its cast paid for young people in their hometowns to see the superhero blockbuster. Lupita Nyong’o sponsored 600 schoolchildren in Kisumu, Kenya to see the Marvel film.

She tweeted: “I wanted kids from my hometown to see the positive images reflected in the film & superheroes that they can relate to on the big screen.”

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