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New movement to encourage black enterprises launches

100club: Andrew Muhammad

AN ORGANISATION which focuses on wealth creation, enterprise and business for members of the African and Caribbean diasporas has launched in east London this week.

100club is a membership-based movement with an economic agenda which runs workshops and seminars on financial management, fosters enterprise creation and encourages its members and followers to 'buy black'.

Its founders include former adviser to the Mayor of London Ray Lewis, alongside a number of active entrepreneurs, professionals and grassroots organisers known across the black community.

Ray Lewis

Speaking at last Saturday's launch event (29 July), 100club president Andrew Muhammad said:

"I'm the first to acknowledge the efforts of many groups concerned for black economic empowerment...What's needed is a strategy and practical measures to bring about concrete change given the significant consumer power we exercise as a community.

"100club offers methodologies of self-help based around promoting the black pound, including savings and credit unions, alongside programmes to help build individual knowledge and skills.

"We welcome new members during our foundation stage who are willing to help build a movement that will create a legacy for our children and grandchildren."

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