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Muslim Miss Universe contestant makes a stand

RESOLUTE: Muna Jama (image credit: Instagram/ms_munajama)

27-YEAR old Muna Jama made history at this year's Miss Universe Great Britain by wearing a kaftan during the swimsuit round instead of a bikini or revealing swimsuit; something that has never happened before in the competition's history.

Londoner Jama, who was covered from neck to ankle in a loose-fitting colourful ensemble whilst fellow candidates were scantily-clad, was pipped to the post by Miss Universe Great Britain 2017 winner, British Pole Anna Burdzy, 25, from Leicestershire, who was crowned shortly after public voting closed in July.

The young Muslim negotiated with organisers beforehand to ensure that she could hit the catwalk in a coverall without being penalised.

STANDING TALL: Muna Jama on the runway during the swimsuit round at Miss Universe Great Britain earlier this year (image credit: Instagram/ms_munajama

Speaking with Metro, she said:

“I wouldn’t wear a bikini to a beach, so I’m not going to wear one in a competition to score points.”

The courageous finalist is co-founder of Cloudless Research, which works to prevent child abuse and assist those who have been forced to migrate elsewhere due to unrest in their home countries through practical means as well as lobbying for change at governmental level.

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