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Meet Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche: The oldest woman in Nigeria

CENTENARIAN: Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche

HOW MANY of us hope to live up to 100 years of age? Well one woman who has clearly surpassed that is Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche, the oldest woman in Nigeria.

Born in 1883, Madam Wuche is 134 years old and lives in Obio Akpor LGA of Rivers State.

According to Facebook user Winston Eamon Ogbonda, he identified her as the oldest woman in Obio Akpor; writing: "Meet the oldest woman in Obio Akpor LGA of Rivers State, Madam Sarah Nwakohwu Wuche, born 1883, she is 134 years old, from RUMUOKWURUSHI in Obio/Akpor. Let's give mama some likes."

Recently, we've seen a rise of centenarians celebrating their birthdays and making headlines for it.

From the Jamaican woman who turned 117 years old and received a visit from the Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, to New Yorker Virgina McLaurin who celebrated her 108th birthday with basketball team Harlem Globetrotters.

Watch Virginia celebrate her 108th birthday below:

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