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Man organises fundraising event for Macmillan Cancer Centre

SUPPORT THE CAUSE: Lioness, Amanda Star, Shauna Shade, DJ Longers, DJ Naughty and Miss Mo'Real attend the dinner ahead of Oner Oktay’s fundraising event for Macmillian Cancer Centre

FOR ONER Oktay, The Macmillan Cancer Centre is close to his heart. Providing support, advice and care to those dealing with cancer, the organisation has both helped those in remission and those who’ve now passed on – including Oktay’s parents.

“Both my parents died due to complication of cancer,” says Oktay. “My dad died in 2012 and more recently, my mum passed away in June and she was under the care of Macmillian.”

“The Macmillian Centre helped us a lot with treatment and care. We were at the centre nearly everyday for a year and a half,” he recalls. “I got to know a lot of the staff including the doctors, surgeons, nurses and matrons. They provided blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and also ascites draining on a regular basis."

“Without their help and guidance, everything would have been much harder than it already was.”

In honour of his parents and the brilliant services provided by the Macmillian Centre, Oktay will be hosting a fundraising event on Saturday 30 September at The Crowndale Club. Money raised at the event will go to helping fund the centre, from recruiting more staff to equipment.

“While I was there, It was obvious that they lacked a lot of staff and some equipment, but they still tried everything they could to help us along with hundreds of other patients too.”

Okay has recruited a number of celebrity friends to participate in the upcoming event, including Kat, B, Travis Jay, Nolay, Lisa Maffia and more. Ahead of the event, Oktay gathered those involved in the project for an intimate dinner at Aksular Restaurant. Guests included Lioness, DJ Longers and Miss Mo'Real to name a few – all of whom said that this cause was something that was close to their hearts.

All tickets sold will go to the Macmillian Centre,” confirms Oktay. “We’re hoping to raise thousands of pounds for them for all the work that they do.”

Get your tickets for the Macmillan Cancer Centre Fundraising show here.

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