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Lovely Jeffvani needs a caring family

PICTURED: Jeffvani

JEFFVANI IS a bright, funny child with a lovely smile. His foster carers describe him as being a delight to care for. He is shy when he first meets you, but warms up quickly and is very caring.

He is very observant and calm. He loves it when his foster carer sits and cuddles him. This young boy loves playing with cars, riding his cycle, playing football, going to the park and listening to nursery rhymes. He loves music and is a great dancer! He enjoys singing and dancing when he goes to church with his foster carers. He loves looking good, getting dressed and having his hair done.

Jeffvani listens well and has good manners, saying “please,” “thank you,” and “bless you.” He is well behaved, and only needs a stern look when he is being mischievous. He is a very caring child, always nurturing his toy animals. His favourite parts of the day are his morning and evening routines.

He also enjoys riding in the car and can tell his foster carer when to turn to go to familiar places such as home and his nursery. Jeffvani enjoys lots of different foods, including Caribbean and Nigerian food.

He enjoys attending nursery and is doing well. He plays well with other children and communicates well. He loves books and listening to his foster carers read in different voices. He has a good attention span and happily sits while she reads several books in a row. He learns best using pictures.

Jeffvani is an introverted child who sometimes needs some encouragement to come out of his shell, but is talkative once he feels comfortable. Jeffvani loves visiting friends and having friends visit him. He likes talking to people he knows and sharing his toys.

Jeffvani needs a strong, nurturing family to be his forever family.

For more information on how to adopt Jeffvani contact Michelle at or 0208 227 5555

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