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Losing sleep: average person wakes up three times a night

NIGHT LIGHT: Waking-up in the middle of the night is often punctuated by the use of technology for many

DISCOVERIES INTO the way we sleep have been made by Tweak Mattress, who spoke to Brits about their nocturnal habits.

Findings include that most people wake-up three times a night and a worrying 11% wake-up between seven and 10 times a night.

Discomfort and back pains get 19% up, whilst 17% of us are disturbed by partners. Most complaints from the latter group are related to their bed mate's snoring. Bad dreams or nightmares affect 11% of us and 6% say they have experienced anxiety about bills and work which has kept them from a good night's sleep.

Leading Psychologist Robert Stewart comments:

“There are two main reasons our sleep is good or poor and these are our sleep hygiene and our sleep cycles. Sleep hygiene relates to our 'before-bed' routine. Not drinking or eating a lot, choosing the same time to sleep each night, and not looking at phones, laptops or TV in bed will improve our 'sleep hygiene'."

"A person will go through five stages of sleep in a night and each of these vary in depth. Stage five or the rapid eye movement (REM) stage is the lightest stage of sleep and this is where people are most likely to stir. Whilst we cannot control this, the surrounding environment, such as a partner snoring, other noise or discomfort, will impact on whether we return to sleep smoothly or are awoken.

"So, to drift back to sleep seamlessly and without disturbance, ensure you have the best environment to aid this, whether it be earplugs or a comfortable mattress.”

If you're having trouble sleeping, click here for some advice from the NHS.

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