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London mums stuck abroad after being jailed in China

STUCK IN CHINA: Mary Aderonke Idowu

TWO FRIENDS who were detained in Chinese jails for more than five weeks are stuck in China.

According to their families, Londoners Esther Jubril-Badmos, 48, and Mary Aderonke Idowu, 59, are stuck in legal limbo in China with worsening health.

The issue started when Jubril-Badmos demanded her £50 deposit back from a Chinese retailer who she believed to have sold her a fake pair of shoes.

Her family state that Jubril-Badmos was “dragged out of the shop by her hair” before being arrested by police.

Idowu’s daughter, Sarah Murray, 34, told the Evening Standard: “They were taken to the police station, questioned for 24 hours and then transferred to a detention centre where they were held for 38 days without being charged.”

LEGAL LIMBO: Esther Jubril-Badmos

The police subsequently discontinued the case and released the pair.

The duo are currently living in a hotel, with the Chinese government refusing to let them leave the country as their visas expired.

Grandmother-of-five Idowu, from Hackney, was travelling through Guangzhou, southern China, with Jubril-Badmos, a mother-of-five from Enfield, north London.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said the Government was awaiting the outcome of the Chinese investigation and that it was “a matter for them”.

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