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Literary food for the soul

WHEN WE think of exercise, 99 percent of the time we relate back to the physical work out our body conducts in when exposed to the gym or when doing physical activity.

As conscious beings, our workouts extend way beyond a few bench presses and squats.
Reading is one of the most influential aspects of the development of the human brain. I love a good deep inspirational book.

Not only do they make our brain do super vigorous workouts every time we learn and engage in the new information presented before us, but reading creates space to challenge our beliefs, to heal, and change the way we see our current reality, literally placing us in a whole new space, place and time, just through the power of our imagination alone.

Although I'm not just talking of your average romantic 'they fell in love, he cheated, she cried, found someone new, and lived happily ever after' type of novel. I'm referring to the ones that leave you feeling bewildered, excited, inspired, transformed, empowered and uplifted the second the pages open up and demand you to look deeper into yourself. Those books that add a pinch of soulful wisdom to our everyday life.

There have been many books that I have used as guides that have left a long-lasting ebb of knowledge and information. Here are my five 'food for the soul', reads.

1. Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

Internationally known herbalist, healer, advocate for women's health and well being, in this book Queen Afua, openly shares, tools on, fearlessly honoring self, by healing our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental bodies. After coming out of an intense breakup, I was given this book as a gift, not knowing that it would be the start of a 'deep healing' journey.

MINDFUL EXERCISE: Reading is a great way of opening the mind, says Nai Davina

The type that requires it to be read more than once. This book was so overwhelming from looking at diet to the amazing spiritual journey of our ancestry in ancient Egypt, and their practices, to our current experiences as child bearers, nurturers, lovers, mothers of the universe and healers. Seeing her in person back in 2016, made me reflect on the profound transformation which had taken place 12 years ago when I opened the first page of her truly powerful book.

2. The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Keys of Color is another great read, which goes in-depth on afro-centricity, the history and destruction of the black civilisation, from a psychological standpoint in 25 essays. I was told about this book many years ago, and it was such an eye-opener as to decoding the subconscious behavior of black people and the reasons behind it. This revolutionary piece of work definitely provoked questions around issues of racism and empowerment.

3. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This is one of those books that you have to borrow someone, so they can feel the words of Eckhart Tolle, for themselves, later to find that you will be borrowing your own book back. True story. The Power of Now really puts you in a place of really just letting go of everything you think you know and being here in the present, NOW. I realised how much the mind loves to hold on to the past whilst trying to figure out how to get to the future, with little, to no time of observing every detail in the moment. Another enlightening book which sure will transform the way you look at the mind.

4. Evolve Your Brain, Dr Joe Dispenza

On the subject of the mind. This book is an absolute gem. Dr. Dispenza speaks on his journey from being almost paralysed from a car crash to touring the globe speaking on his full recovery using neuroscience, and the power of the mind. The information here is mind-blowing. This book alone made me consider, how much of what we experience is just life or if it's us creating the ripple effects of what was being created in life.

5. Electro Vibratory Body by Victor Beasley

Now this book really gets to the technicalities and the science of how energy on every level works. From the atom to the boundless universe, this book can be pretty heavy if your not one for science. It is probably one of my best explained metaphysical books, which really takes you on a journey of the study of the life force energy, electromagnetism, chakras, subtle energies, esoteric energies and so much more. I purchased this secondhand as I struggled to get hold of a copy, and over the years, I still refer back to it.

It makes you ask the question, do you know how your body and energy works? We know what’s happening on the TV but stumble on real self-knowledge, the thing keeping us alive.

This book is a beautiful reminder of life itself.

I could name so many others but there's just one more I want to add to the list. It's not one you can pick up at your local library, as it needs its own library.

The book on you. A full life biography in the memory, the DNA. Episodes chapters, that we haven't even begun to uncover yet. Just waiting in the ethers to be translated. So keep reading but in the process...

Don't forget to unlock your story. It may be the best novel you ever read!

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